9 best ways to speed up your website

9 best ways to speed up your website

Having a website is a good choice for your business as this tends to boost confidence in the website users and customers, and also creates your online presence. Many others would like to have an online presence for doing content creation in different formats and blog management hence a news portal.

Many of these websites or news portals sometimes do not get enough traffic or more visitors as expected due to many reasons which are unknown to the owners but these owners fail to identify the cause. In research conducted, the major cause of low website visitors may differ in many factors which include but are not limited to the website design, slowness/speed, too many cover ads, inappropriate articles, difficulty in website navigation, and among others. These factors deter website visitors and they will never want to come back to read your blogs or articles.

One of the major factors I would like to talk about in this article is how to speed up your website using a few very effective techniques. Your website or blog should be fast enough to avoid a user waiting for your website or content to load. Imagine what happens if a busy person tries to briefly read an article from your website but won’t load for him/her.

In this article, I’m going to point out some best practices if not all that will increase the speed of your website or news portals.

  • Choose a faster Hosting. The first I will be talking about is choosing a faster-hosting package. Hosting plays a major role in speeding up websites. Hosting enables you to store your website files on a server that displays them as information to your website visitors.

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